Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have decided not to focus on the negative today and be thankful for the people and situations in my life.  For example, I used to view homeschooling my herdlings as a chore.  Just something else to do in a day.  It flew in the face of the very reasons I chose to homeschool in the first place, this drudgery.  I have decided to find JOY in the dailyness of our school adventures.  Notice I said decided.  It takes a conscious decision to chose joy over dwelling on the negative.  The negative is so easy to get swallowed up in.  The fights, the whining, the outright defiance.  BUT, if I choose the joy for my focus I see hands happily at work, eyes lighting with a new discovery, hearts softened by spending time in learning with their mom and siblings, and sooo much more.  The more I focus on the joy, it seems to multiply like the loaves and fishes.  It amazes me!  It astounds me!  It breaks my heart that for so long I let the devil steal my joy, while I focused on all the I can'ts and I don't want to's.  So, my new habit is going to be recording the thankfulness every Thursday for all the world to see.  Today I am thankful for JOY in homeschooling my herdlings!  Join me in choosing JOY this week!  May you be blessed into amazement at the multiplication of joy when you choose to dwell in it!

 Lovely L's happy hands at work
 Awesome A2's happy hands at work
 Rockin Writer's happy hands at work
Our crazy mummy apple experiment! Just for grins!

Are you willing to join me in Thankful Thursdays????  Leave a comment about the big or small things you are thankful for this week.  I'd love to praise the Lord with JOY for your blessings this week!

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