Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday

Last week went ok... looking to really get 'er done this week. It may be a stretch, seems like my RADlings are really focused on making things hard this week already. So... on with the show!

1. SMILE AND BE NICE... you laugh, but this is really hard for me these days.

2. Get through the first week of TOG History/Bible/Geography and stay on track.

3. Keep up the pace with Anatomy~ it's quite a bit of work and information, but soooo worth it!

4. Get the cabinet in the garage at least halfway done~ I'll post before and after pics when it's done!

5. Really read and meditate on God's words.

6. Put at least 3 meals in the freezer fro this winter.

7. Listen to my book on my MP3 player, and possibly get past the first 6 chapters LOL

8. Exercise in the mornings, I really need the extra energy right now, so I have to start taking care of myself.

9. Go to the Farmers Market on Saturday

10. Keep my cool, don't freak out, find my happy place, whatever it takes to keep ahead of the RADlings! This goes in line with #1!

Looking forward to a full week!

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