Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Artsy Fartsy Wednesday

Presenting, by special request, Art a la Lange Family
We have been working with Pastels for the past week. Jump on over to Tricia's blog and leave her some love! She is a truly wonderful homeschool mom, and has blessed us by sharing her mother's talent with pastels! Here are our first tries following Nana's direction:

Momma's first try... pretty happy with it!

Rockin' Writer~ she has fallen in love with Pastels

Lovely L~ Wow! I am so excited to see how well she listened to direction

A2~ He did VERY well considering he didn't like the feel of the chalk

Some other Pastels the kids and I have done this week... can't wait until the lesson this afternoon!

Lovely L's aerial beach picture

Another view of the beach from Lovely L

Rockin' Writer's been jumping ahead in the lessons~ here is her tornado

Another Rockin' Writer art piece

And last of all... Momma's try at a Texas Landscape courtesy of a picture I took at the Farm

Hope you enjoyed the art show!

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