Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Public School RANT

I have to vent or I'm going to explode!!!! Yet another reason I dislike Public School. Miss P is attending Public Kindergarten this year. For reasons too numerous to mention it was decided by our family and a child psychologist that it would be the best for her. (and mommy too) So I go to pick her up from the bus this afternoon, and there is a substitute driver. Now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE our regular driver. She is awesome and then some! This Sub saw me drop Miss P off this morning, I even waved at him as I kissed my girl goodbye. All the other mothers, nannies, and grandmas picked their children up with out a problem. Then again the children all had similar skin tone to their respective caregivers. My poor little brown baby was stopped and told to point out her momma. Bad enough, but this gets better. I was asked for my licence, which of course I didn't have with me. Who takes their licence to the bus stop??? I told him I did NOT have my licence and yes I was her mother. Every parent, grandparent, and nanny there told the man! Not good enough~ I had to make the trek 4 minute trek home to get my licence while my baby sat on the bus and wondered why in the world SHE was different than all the other kids. I got to the bus, and asked him point blank if I had been black if he would have even bothered to ask. I was informed it is because she is a Kindergartner... seriously, cause the other Kindergartner at our stop got off with his same color mommy without a problem! He then tried to TAKE my licence out of my hand! I told him, that he could read it just fine in my hand, so there was no need. As we walked home, I was furious! I then called the transportation department to complain, only to be told that he has the right to keep her on the bus if I do not have my ID and return her to the school! Rules are rules, but only if you don't look like your child! Poor Miss P is very confused, like her life isn't hard enough as it is! So now, I have to keep my drivers licence with me at the bus stop~ JUST IN CASE we have a sub~ and most likely lose it in the process, cause I'm just wired that way! GRRRRRRR

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