Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pneumonia Sucks Wind~ Really

The headline reads Pneumonia Sucks Wind~ Really, the subtitle would be local mom of five waylayed for over a month by entities unseen by the human eye! 

Hi everybody, I'm back to my "normal" abnormal self, but with a new purpose and goal.  First of all let me give a shout out to Dr Stanley!  He totally rocks!  He kept giving me crazy meds until one finally worked and laughed with me through all the crazy.  Here's to you Dr Stanley~  without you I wouldn't be breathin'!

Next on the agenda is a detour into RAD land with Miss P and all her wonderful pee!  I know you've missed hearing about all her adventures in the power of pee, so I'll fill you in.  As her birthday (in the beginning of November) drew close, she was looking for any way on earth to get us to not love her enough to give her the big party that we had planned for her this weekend.  It started with the usual small stuff, you know, intentionally doing something the wrong way, or half-way, or being passively defiant and pretending not to understand what we were asking of her.  As the big day approached, The pee started flowing like a river.  We DID give her the big Birthday Tea Party, and she did her best to ruin it, but we just flat wouldn't let her.  Now those of you who haven't the foggiest what all this means, take a look back at this post.

Now birhtday party was just a warm up.  Little did I know how warm it was going to get.  See, Rockin' Writer had her Birthday Bash just a week later (they're less than a week apart), and RW getting all those feel good vibes just really struck a wrong chord with Miss P!  Let's begin with the glasses.  It started with a little nibble here and there on the ends.  She then chewed the nose pads clear off, then the ends, and now she's taken to just taking them off and leaving them at school.  If you've never had a kid in glasses, you're in for a shock... They're EXPENSIVE!  And she know it!  So let the destruction begin.  All this before we even got as far as the pilgrims landing! Next she started really stepping out of line at school so that she would get a consequence at home... deliberate disobedience and touching other people all day long at school.  Now, I've been sick since about the 3rd of November, so I haven't exactly been a paragon of virtue when it comes to therapeutic parenting lately.  But come on give a mom a break.  Every single day for the last two weeks she has peed her pull-up.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!  And not just once, or maybe a "couldn't get there on time", we're talking sagging to her knees peed!  What's a mom to do?  Well, I'll tell you!  Tomorrow, she goes Pull-up free!  I'll be sending a change of clothes for her, and she'll be taking care of the mess, not me.  Anywho, all that to say, trauma SUCKS especially when the momma in charge is down for the count, and her parenting skills are a bit, shall we say, lacking!  Heck I'm just glad to be able to string more than two words together today...  More tomorrow on the goals and dreams stuff.  I hear a husband and a bathtub calling my name!  Christine, I may just be on board after all for the whole Christexmas thing!

Happy tubbing to all and to all a good night!

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