Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Welcome...


 She has been fighting hard to win the hearts of the grown ups for over six weeks now.  For that matter, she had some pretty convincing advocates.  When the kittens were born to the Momma Putty Tat down the street, Big Daddy and I said "NO" firmly, repeatedly, and without doubt.  We did NOT need another mouth to feed or another mess maker (there's enough pee in our house without adding a litter box to it). 

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing cuter than a kitten, and I LOVE cats, Josh not so much.  But we were in agreement on this one.  I was NOT ready for a new ball of fur!  We were standing firmly together.  Little by little the kids kept bringing me the same kitten over and over to hold.  She was sweet and fluffy and so quiet.  She slept any time she was held for more than a minute or so, and anyone who's held a sleeping kitten knows how it lowers your stress level and releases all those good endorphins.  Now I'm not saying the kids had it all planned out (ok, so maybe they did), but it started to work.  I needed those endorphins!  And would you look at that face?!  Even Big Daddy was smitten with the kitten!

So we had a plan not to be the bad guys... We told the big girls(they were the real culprits if you must know) that we couldn't afford to have a kitten right now.  There were vet bills for shots, kitty litter, food, and eventually getting the kitten fixed and declawed.  We did our research and laid it all out for them... it was just too much!  Especially with Christmas right around the corner.  So we told them if they would be willing to give up their Christmas gifts and commit to having the litter box cleaned twice a day EVERY DAY, as well as proving themselves responsible for their own chores and school work without being reminded, then we would consider the kitten.  We didn't think they'd go for it... really we didn't!  But they showed us up once again.

So, after much cuteness and purring, and lots of work on the girls part, we have a new family member!  We love her like crazy and she seems pretty happy here too! 

Since it's a post all about pets I thought I'd give you an update on Prince (our old man dog).  He has been steadily losing bladder control, and just last night he had another seizure.  I think he may be getting ready to go home.  We are hoping he makes it through the Christmas season.  Funny enough, after he had the seizure, he was acting just like a puppy, bouncing around all over the place and wanting to play.  It gives me hope to know he feels well enough to romp and play like that!  I love that old man, and I'm not quite ready to let him go yet!

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