Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memory Tree Lane

I'm sitting here by the computer's glow admiring my beautiful tree.  There are no ornaments on the lower third of it, there are clumps of ornaments all in one place, and huge holes where no ornament can be seen for what seems like miles, there's no star at the top, few ornaments there either for that matter, it's the only artificial tree I've EVER owned, there's no tinsel, and no flocking, but to me it's the most beautiful tree in the world.

It contains the memories of generations past, present, and future... in a way, it contains my life in a 4' by 9' space.  Let me show you my life in this little box of mine.  Let me take you down Memory Tree Lane.

Let's start with the obvious... my family of nuts in the tree.

 This little gem is only a replica, but it reminds me of my Oma's tree growing up.

 This is one of a collection from my Mema  I adore it in all it's plastic splendor.

This perfect little angel (made by yours truly) reminds me of beautiful times crafting with my Siewert Family.

 This stern little guy was made for me by my Uncle Tom and keeps my family far away close in my heart.

And last but certainly not least is this angelic ballerina from my Aunt Peggy... she believed in me against all odds... still does!

Then there are the friends who hang around all the nuts...

which apparently blogger doesn't like, so I'll be continuing this post in another post.  See you over there!

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