Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was great for Lovely L and I, not so great for Big Daddy and the left home herdlings!

Lovely L and I drove off into the sunset (literally... the sun was setting in my face most of the way) on Friday afternoon to visit the "farm" and L's true love. We arrived late, but were welcomed with a clean place to sleep~no dog hair, YAY~ and permission to sleep late! The first part was a definite, the second, well, no such luck! We were up bright and shiny at 7:40 in the a.m.! We took advantage and took a long morning walk. It was SO nice to see lovely L smile and laugh. We loved on Mickey the Bull, scared bullfrogs into the pond,

Pretty Little Flower we need to identify

Enormous Grasshopper (almost 3.5" long!)

Lovely L holding a baby bullfrog

Making the froggies JUMP and PEE

Lil' Mickey we've known him since he was a calf

Now his head is over two feet wide!

and took lots of pictures of the flora and fauna as you can see! We also saw a tree frog, several HUGE spiders, as well as their egg sacs...

We finally got the right bit for Monkey, and he rode like he should. We bathed and groomed the poor guy until he had had enough. He stepped on my foot, but I got lucky and didn't end up too bad off, just a small bruise on one of my toes. Lovely L rode her Monkey until her bum hurt too bad to keep on! I'm working on a cushion for her bum for the next visit! OH, and My father-in-law made me a shoe rack for all the millions of shoes that populate my front hall! All in all a very good weekend, and a nice get away for us. Mean while, back at the circus...
I left Big Daddy in charge of the other four herdlings. I knew when I left that lil C was on the tail end of a cold, and not feeling all that well, but did not expect what came next. I got a call on Saturday the P was feeling crummy, so I told him to keep me posted if she started feeling worse. She did okay the rest of the day, but wasn't up to much. Sunday morning, A1 and Big Daddy managed to get all the herdlings to the church house, on time even! On the way home A2 decided to start something (he's been feeling a little RADish since P started going to Kindergarten). He lied to Big Daddy about what the service was about in children's church... SERIOUSLY!? Lying in our house is a HUGE mistake, especially with Big Daddy in charge, and he knows it! After the aftermath of A2's lies, Big Daddy takes a look around and sees Miss P laying around looking extra pitiful. I get a text... Miss P is running a low grade fever. Two hours later, she's running a high octane number! Good thing momma's on her way home! Breathing treatments and medicine here we come. She's much better today and looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. I am too! Oh and did I forget to mention lil C? He was a perfect angel... until I got home! Back to reality!

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