Monday, August 30, 2010

Manic Mondays

List for the week...

1. Buy a printer and get A2's glasses... hopefully today

2. Remember to be back here by 2 for A2's first math tutoring session

3. Print out the rest of weeks one and two for Tapestry of Grace

4. Find and order a grammar and spelling curriculum for A1 and L

5. Shop for the supplies needed for our first week of science and hands on history assignments

6. Start Co-op on Friday

7. Start week one of TOG with the kids

8. Start week one of Science on Friday after Co-op

9. Call and make all the arrangements for Cam to start Pre-School next week

10. Remember to fix dinner every night this week... maybe even start my freezer cooking for the fall.

11. Remember to EAT LUNCH every day this week! Sounds silly, but I often forget

12. Start exercising in the mornings before I go get lil T for the day... maybe I'll start tomorrow

13. Locate and start a family bible study... Thinking about this

14. Find time to relax every day... even if it's only 5 minutes (and be grateful for the time I get)

Ok, so this seems pretty do-able. Well, at least most of it! Remembering to eat and cook may get the better of me, but I'm going to try! Look for a weekend wrap-up post later this afternoon!



  1. LMK what you need for science and we'll drop it by on Wed night. My mom is a 6 gr. science teacher and I did science with C's 4th grade class, so we have LOTS of stuff on hand!

  2. Grammar. Easy grammar or first language lesson 3. Simple, easy, quick and effective!

    Spelling power or all about spelling. Don't have any idea of level go A1 in all about spelling...

  3. I hear ya on remembering to eat lunch! Sometimes I eat while I'm fixing for my children - so then I can read our science lesson. I know, I know. But they are all busy eating and quite attentive then :) So neat to know you are a TOG - er too!