Monday, August 2, 2010

I got SOOOO close!

Ok, so this morning I had a number of things to get done today. I never thought I would get it done... and I didn't, but I got soooooo close!

1.School the big kids and do my chores~ I got my chores done, and the girls got math done, not too shabby considering they got their chores done and got their room SPOTLESS!

2.Call the Pre-School for lil one~ had a nice long visit with the director, and we're all set for the trial day, she really believes her teacher can handle all his quirks, and I believe in her.

3.Called the school district~hit a brick wall! They are not willing to work with us at all! PISD (Paerland ISD)is right! Left a message for the counselor at the school we don't want to go to, to determine what we can do to make this work.

4. Dr's office for shot records~ ok, so I slacked on this one, just couldn't get all the kids naps in line with the moon today.

5.Go through the clothes bucket for P~ Done and Done!

6.Call two women I don't really know and hold a coherent conversation~ YES!!! I was brave and had a one hour visit with each of them! I am SO very proud of myself!

7.Return shirt and get school supplies and clothes~ NOPE! But I did fix a great dinner for our family plus one extra neighbor kiddo... Roast, REAL mashed potatoes, and my famous fried zucchini. YUM

So all in all I feel pretty good about the day. We'll venture out to finish the rest tomorrow, maybe even get brave and return my WAY over due library books. LOL

God is so good to help me through these kinds of days, and have me come out the other side refreshed and renewed by the people I met along the way.

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