Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Monday

Today I have a LOOONG list of things to get accomplished! It is Monday, and after a weekend full of support from my family, I am ready to tackle the seemingly insurmountable tasks in front of me. So the list is as follows...

1. School The big kids, and get my chores done... vacuuming downstairs and two loads of clothes

2. Call the Pre-School to set up a trail day for the 3 year old little one and get all the licencing info

3. Call the school district and get info about transferring youngest RADish to a more emotionally supportive school. This may prove to be the hardest of all!

4.Load all the kiddos in the truck and go get immunization records from the Dr.'s office

5.Go through clothes bucket for Patience to find out if we have any clothes that suit the dress code for school.

6. and probably the hardest of all, call two women that I do not know at all and try to establish a connection so that I have at least two mom's who REALLY understand this crazy life I live.

7. If time allows after all that, I would like to return a shirt that doesn't fit, and go get school supplies and clothes for Miss P.

I know it looks like a fairly easy list to most of you. In our world though, almost every task is a mountain to climb. I'll post tomorrow and let you know how far I ACTUALLY got. Happy Monday to you all!

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