Friday, August 27, 2010

PMS and the herdlings

Truth be told, I would not admit to having PMS... not in the usual way. I don't get cranky, I don't really bloat, I don't get particularly moody, I don't cramp(anymore-I had my uterus electrocuted a while back). So why the PMS post???? My symptoms are sneakier than most! I dream really vivid INSANELY real dreams. My auditory processes go into overdrive. I sweat... A LOT! Ok, so the last one was way too much information, but, it's out there! Why, you ask, are you telling me this?? Didn't you already post today?? Is this really necessary??

As I write, A2 is busy munching on his snack across the table from me... and I can hear every pop, crunch, and slurp... and it is sooooo very hard not to yell at the top of my lungs to stop eating, and never make another sound. That would be unfair to the little herdling, he's merely eating, right?! My poor husband gets the brunt of it! He is a spoon clacker, you know the one... with every bite, the spoon(or fork, or shovel) has to hit both sets of teeth, and scrape the spoon with his teeth! We have lips for a reason!!! If it's ice cream, it's even better... the spoon must hit the bowl AND his teeth for it to be enjoyable for him. AKKKKK I know I sound like a crazy woman! But, A2 is sitting there munching grapes and popcorn, as my fingers curl, and my teeth grind. I just smile sweetly and ask him if he wants to go outside to eat. Fortunately he's the agreeable sort, and happily complies. Did I mention the baby screaming in my face the entire time, and Lovely L singing some unknowable tune in the background? See, the auditory thing is ruling my life again! If I thought the herdlings wouldn't take advantage, I'd put in earplugs, but alas, they are MY herdlings, so I'm not chancing it!

Just had to rant, if you have solutions, please post!!! Oh, and the dreams.... well, I'm not telling, lets just say I woke up feeling very maternal!

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