Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 1 Photo Challenge

This is me in all my work clothes glory!  Not a picture I love, but it's pretty accurate. This is my daily attire while I work and slave doing what I love.  So here are the 10 facts about me...

  1. I didn't realize how much I've changed until I took this picture
  2. I will be eating right and exercising soon
  3. I am more in love with my husband than ever before
  4. I love my herdlings more than I love myself
  5. I am officially a business woman (who knew?)
  6. I am broken inside, and I know it
  7. I love all things old and dusty
  8. My aunt gave me bags full of treasure this weekend, and it makes me giddy
  9. I had a pretty awesome childhood and still talk to the kids on the block
  10. Probably most important~ God is working big things in my life right now
Now take a look at that lady one more time... she will be changed by the end of this 30 day challenge... I guarantee it!

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