Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Thankfulness is something I haven't thought about much in the last week or two.  I am choosing to be thankful today.  I am thankful today for a wonderful husband who puts our family above all else.  He is a problem solver, where I am a make it through-er.  He sees our family headed down a hard path and tries to make it a lighter load for me, even if it means doing without.  Even if it means more work for himself, he always makes our family and ME his top priority.  And I am so very thankful for that in a world where I am often not top priority for anybody.  He has worked hard against both nature and nurture to become the dad and husband and overall PERSON he is today.  And for all his hard work, I am thankful!  He makes my life whole and wonderful!

I am thankful today for my fabulous mom!  She is always there when I need her.  I never have to look too far or too long before she's there to guide me and give me a much needed kick in the pants!  I am thankful for the kick in the pants, by the way, it serves to force gently nudge me back on track, usually to take better care of myself so I can take better care of my family.  I love that even though we moved farther away, and she really doesn't like the drive over here, she will drop everything to come and help me out if I ask.  I am thankful for a mom who will be my best friend, but never fail to remind me she's still my mom too! 

I am thankful today for a good friend who sees me.  She sees who I am.  She sees when I need help.  She sees when I'm hurting.  And she helps.  Even with all her own problems and distractions in life, she sees me.  In a world where I feel invisible behind all the craziness of my family and my life that is something to be truly thankful for!  I am thankful today for a good friend who sees I need a break and finds a way to make it happen.  Even if it means I have to stay up until midnight to do it!  And yes, I stayed up till midnight last night, and I'm feeling it today!  I am thankful for her calm and truthful demeanor.  She stills my soul, and helps me see the truth in the midst of my tornadoes, even if those truths reveal something I don't want to see.  Today I am thankful for a friend who truly sees me.

I will let thankfulness reside in my heart today.  I will let it seep deep into my soul and make me smile and cry(cause we all know I can't be truly happy without crying).  I will be a better wife, mother, and person because I choose to be thankful for all that I have in the people who surround me.  One last thing... I am thankful for cereal... cause it saves my butt on a regular basis!  Just sayin'!

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